Manual Vs. Instrument-Aided Chiropractic Treatment

The areas of chiropractors go beyond the known definitions. Besides the mechanical adjustments, they have improved their treatment with advanced, computerized devices like ProAdjuster, spine adjuster, ProSoft. Many people are still confused about which one is better for the adjustment options.

Chiropractic treatment includes versatile choices to offer problem-specific solutions. Not a single treatment will bring equal benefits for all. An experienced chiropractor can decide which treatment option proves to be the best for treating a problem.

Let a chiropractor decide the treatment for your health complication.

Manual chiropractic adjustment:

Manual adjustment is the core of chiropractic treatment. Using hands for imposing pressure and adjusting misaligned bones and tissues is the foundation of the chiropractic field.

Chiropractors use their hands to manipulate the spine for releasing pain and improving body balance. A licensed chiropractor knows how to use their hand movements to manipulating your musculoskeletal structure.

Instrument-aided treatment:

Technological advancement introduces new goals for chiropractic treatments. Instruments like ProAdjuster, ProSoft, Spine adjuster, and more enhance the accuracy of the treatments. Doctors will get much evidence of improvements by reading computer-analyzed data. Let’s talk about the most common devices used in the treatment.


An experienced chiropractor doctor finds out better treatment choices with his knowledge and the use of ProAdjuster. This device checks the function of the nervous system. When your nervous system gets imbalanced, your body starts functioning wrongly. Inflammation happens, and you will experience chronic pain and other problems.

ProAdjuster checks your spinal system to ensure the movement of the vertebra is perfect. If any rigidity is there in the system, the device identifies it easily.

The device helps doctors measure the problem more precisely. The manual adjustment does not offer the same level of accuracy.


ProSoft is another important device for measuring dysfunctional soft tissues. It is designed specifically for measuring the abnormality in the soft tissues. ProSoft360 is a computerized technology that checks analyzes your condition.

Which treatment is the best:

The beet chiropractic treatment will be the one that gives you the maximum relief. Depending on your health condition, doctors will choose the treatment process. Doctors will arrange a one-on-one conversation where they understand your health conditions to find out the real fact.

Dr. Moe Pisciottano is an experienced ProAdjuster Chiropractor who offers improved chiropractic treatment for your health.

Since instruments offer better treatment, you can consult with Dr. Moe Pisciottano for ProAdjuster Chiropractic treatment. With the instrument-assisted treatment, you will get better options for your health. A doctor will identify your problem faster and plan the recovery process perfectly, eliminating the guessing works.




Nathaniel Melville is a researcher on alternative therapies like chiropractic treatment and writes blogs on instruments like ProAdjuster, ProSoft, and more.

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Nathaniel Melville

Nathaniel Melville

Nathaniel Melville is a researcher on alternative therapies like chiropractic treatment and writes blogs on instruments like ProAdjuster, ProSoft, and more.

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